Turaro LLC focuses on creating cases for Apple's iPad and iPhone. 

"Big whoop." you say, "so does everyone else. What makes you think you're so special?" 

In short, our products have a soul. They are designed from the inside out to take full advantage of the materials they are made of; the use they will be put to; the products they surround. They say something about you when you want them to. They shut up and get out of the way when you don't. They are a pleasure to hold and use and love. 


Yes love. We give birth to each case with a love for materials, design and the use they will be put to. 

"Love for design? I call bullshit. Exhibit (a) your website is a crappy google site; and (b) your logo uses Lobster italic."  [UPDATE: exhibit (b) no longer valid. Just look at that awesome branding! Tres chic.

Well, yes. True. You got us there ... but we are still in the product development womb. Look for us to come out screaming in June 2011! 

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